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Winter 2017 SGACC Newsletter

Fall 2016 SGACC Newsletter

The Citizens Have Finally Been Heard!

Spring/Summer/Fall 2015: Charles County’s Comprehensive Plan failure – our ongoing series

08/2014: Have you heard about the Walmart Supercenter fiasco?

05/2014: Rucci, Davis & Collins cancel May 13 public hearing

11/2013: A “pitiful” plan for growth had a public hearing on Oct. 29, 2013

09/2013: Charles County voter survey memo

09/2013: Charles County polling press release

09/2013: Letter of 13 state govt. agencies in MD slamming Charles County’s draft Comprehensive Plan

09/2013: SGACC letter to commissioners requesting fiscal impact analysis

Embracing dumb growth in Charles County

Powerpoint: Ed McMahon 5.30.13

Powerpoint: Gov. Glendening 5.30.13

Powerpoint: “Trouble Ahead”

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