Charles County’s Comprehensive Plan Fiasco

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Introduction: The Comprehensive Plan – What is it and why should you care?

Chapter 1: A Public Role in Land Use Planning? Maybe not

Chapter 2: Charles County’s Rogue Planning Commission

Chapter 3: Balanced Growth: What does it really mean?

Chapter 4: A Commitment to Preservation – Not happening here

Chapter 5: Strike Two for Charles County: Maryland officials find lots wrong with the county’s plan for growth, yet again

Chapter 6: Straight Talk on Environmental Protection – But not in Charles County’s Draft Comp. Plan

Chapter 7: “Adequate” Public Facilities in Charles County? Says who?

Chapter 8: Removing the funding for the Cross-County Connector – More than just stopping a road we don’t need

Chapter 9: Waldorf Station: Sprawl masquerading as Transit Oriented Development

Chapter 10: Less Autonomy for Planning Commissions – What does it mean for Charles County’s Comp Plan? 

Chapter 11: Western Charles County – A graveyard for myopic economic development

Chapter 12: Maryland Airport – Economic engine or field of dreams? 

Chapter 13: Charles County’s Development Lobby Pushes Hard for Sprawl Residential Growth, Then Has a Cow When the Bill Comes Due

Chapter 14: How do you disagree with a question? – Curious responses by County Govt. to Maryland’s latest comp. plan comments

Chapter 15: Hold onto your seat! Local govt. officials have a plan to bring 75,000 new residents into Charles County

Chapter 16: More Smoke and Mirrors in Charles County

Chapter 17: Growing Charles County with the Merged Scenario

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