91 thoughts on “Keep in Touch!

  1. Back again with a BIG shout-out to the Planning Commission for recommending to the BOCC that they DENY storage units in the Bryans Road Safeway building. This is what good zoning along with “desired use” is all about.

  2. THANK YOU to Commissioner President Peter Murphy, Commissioner Ken Robinson, and Commissioner Amanda Stewart for having the guts and the determination to do EXACTLY what they were voted into office to do…..control residential development by passing the Watershed Conservation District (WCD) zoning text amendment.

  3. Hello,
    For the love of god stp this, housing is being built as our teacher’s are under paid. My son class who is in the 2nd grade already has 32 student in his class without a teachers aide.

    For children who has learning disabilities would suffer. When are school going to become our top priority?

    I am sad to come from Virginia and moving down here and finding out that Charlas county DO NOT LOVE OUR CHILDREN. We have a huge DOPE DRUG problem down here and do not have money for our officers to deal with.

    So where is all the children going to school at, once these housing units are bulit? When will Charlas county stand up for the families that already live done here and work down town Dc?

    MONEY MONEY MONEY is all they are taking from us and we are paying for things that we do not want…..


  4. No more sweet deals between CC Comissioners and developers at the taxpayer/resident’s expense.

  5. Please stop this madness with all the building. People want to leave this once beautiful County because of this greed. Waldorf is so bad no one what’s to live there anymore. Every shopping center has empty stores and some vacated restaurants that are no longer in use. Fix the existing shopping centers and stop building more. It’s so sad.

  6. I agree with eveyone please stop the unchecked and unregulated building along 210,228,and 301 highways. If you continue this uncheck you will loose a lot of your tax revenue, people will get fed up and leave and you will be left with no tax base to pull from on your overpriced homes.

  7. No more building. I think if the commissioners who want this really want it then they should up and move to PG County and leave my home (Southern Maryland) alone. I prefer clean air, waterways and nature.

  8. When will it end?! People are dying on our roads! Animals running everywhere and getting hit by people causing serious accidents and sometimes death. Have you looked at the drivers when driving lately? To many are looking at their phones! High crime and serious crimes have been escalating with all this growth. We will need more schools! More schools, higher taxes, and well your 60 and above are moving! 25 years ago it use to be a wonderful place to raise children. Now life is very guarded. Sad!

  9. Have the developers build more schools that will not require the use of temporaries. We need to remember for every new home is the potential to add three more students in the class room.

  10. Improve on what is already developed. Don’t add to the sprawl, take over natural resources and feed more greed. Quality of life. Foster economic development by capitalizing on the beauty and desirability of our community. Make people want to live here in favor of other D.C. suburbs.

  11. Please stop the overcrowding of Waldorf and surrounding areas. STOP BUILDING!

  12. I’ve lived in Charles county for all my life. we need to stop building houses, building builds we don’t need. if we keep building Charles county crime rate will go back up. STOP BUILDING IN CHARLES COUNTY.

  13. Please, no more new housing. I have been a resident of Charles County for 38 years, born and raised. It saddens me that there is no thought and effort going into improving the community as a whole. The whole thought process is about money. Money does not bring peace and joy. I used to feel at ease coming home to Waldorf. Now with so much crime and no constructive activities for the kids, you never know what will happen. Take the money you want to spend and renovate the mall, give Shoppers World a face lift. I go outside the county to shop because there is nothing worth while in Waldorf. Quick to take my tax dollars and I get nothing in return, but an underwater property.

  14. its sad we are already over populating this area and they just plan on keeping it coming its so expensive to live here people put them self’s in debt and cant afford to move then get stuck and they’re are destroying what very little is left of the wild life around here stop trying to push the city (dc) into our back yard its only a matter of time before the metro makes its way down here and then its all history from there over population and pollution and a number of people who cant drive and put others life in danger on a daily bases

  15. 228 is bad 301 is bad and 210 is Ruthless! CHARLES County is overcrowded already, please no more building unless it’s for seniors only. Thank you

  16. Crime rate is going up, cost of living is going up, it is already ridiculous traveling to work on 210. Get whoever’s idea this is to stop being so selfish and think of other people’s lives this will negatively affect!

  17. Stop destroying more land and adding more homes to a place that is already over developed this is insane it will cause so many issues !

  18. I was born in and grew up Charles County and have lived here my whole life. It makes me so sad to see what this place has become. Mattawoman Creek is one of the few beautiful places left in the county and vital to the wildlife and environment. Please protect it!

  19. This is getting to be a bit ridiculous. All of the new communities coming up in the area is insane. The crime rates are increasing and so is the cost of living. Can we just stop already???

  20. I advise everyone who asks – one just today in fact – to avoid Waldorf like the plague. I’ve lived here for 15 years and have seen the decline just in that short span, much less those who have grown up here. There is entirely too much cheap housing, entirely too little spent on schools. Nothing for youth to do but get in trouble. Once my kids finish school I’ll vote with my feet. In the meantime I’ll vote against anyone who supports more suburban sprawl.

  21. I’m saying no to more development in Charles County. Western Charles is too crowded already!!!

  22. I don’t commute up 210 anymore because I’ve retired from the Arlington County Government. I still hate going up 210 on the weekends or during the “off” hours of the week days because it’s not much different than when I worked!

  23. Please stop building homes, townhouses etc.. in Charles County. You have already destroyed it as we once knew it, as a peaceful place to live. Not anymore, the current growth has caused a nightmare with the roads, the houses built have cause overcrowding in the schools. Charles County High Schoold has to be overcrowded with all the houses built around the Bluecrabs stadium and overcrowded houses and town homes just built on Rosewick Rd. It’s only been open two years. Stop the madness and the greed of these developers, county commissioners please hear what we Charles County residents want not what the developers want. As someone who has been a resident for 42 years it makes me so angry what you have done to the county. The crime in Waldorf is enough to make anyone not want to live there. Please stop this now.

  24. I go to school in VA and have to travel 210 in order to get there. I have to leave my house 2 hrs before and pay $50 per month for an Easy pass because the traffic is so terrible. This is ridiculous; in the evenings the traffic on Bilingsley Road is horrific. The traffic on 301 drives one absolutely insane in order to get in and out of Waldorf. You should be more concerned about correcting these issues more than adding to them.

    The schools here are the worst when it comes to over crowding. Is this the United States of America or some poor third world country? Our schools are already too much like a can of sardines. You should be interested in building more schools than trying to poke more herrings into the already jam packed sardine cans.

    Crime is already on the rise especially in Waldorf; if we wanted to live in DC we would have moved there. Please don’t move anymore rapist, robbers and murderers in on us.

    We pay money for our homes; please don’t kill the value. It’s wonderful to see the deers when we walk or drive by them; believe it or not; they have a right to life too. Please don’t kill them or invade their territory causing them to contribute to accidents which can cause people’s life.

    I have always voted for our commissioners; the same ones now that’s backing this mess. You all can believe I will not be voting for you next voting season if you don’t put an end to this mess. I say mess because it’s nothing short of a mess.

  25. The Planning Commission voted in the Watershed Conservation District and a majority of the Board of Commissioners, looking out for the public good, are supporting that most important vote. The WCD is a win-win for all of us who pay ever-higher taxes to Charles County, who have kids in the overly-crowded public school system, who appreciate the natural beauty our county has to offer, and, mainly, who expect our leaders to work for us. As one commissioner so aptly put it about 6 years ago, “The times they are achangin’.” It’s about time.

  26. I’m thinking about relocating because of the traffic and over population in Charles County.

  27. ENOUGH GROWTH! Where do you think these animals are going to live?! They have to cross our roads every time you build! They die, people die hitting them or swerving! We don’t need anymore housing here in Waldorf! You knock down all the trees and there goes our clean air or at least the one thing that helps clean our air!

  28. I was a resident of Charles County for over 60 years but my family moved out because of the overdevelopment, high taxes, traffic and groundwater issues. Charles County has been ruled by developers since the 1950’s and the county is declining because of it. Although recent County Commissioners and Planning Commissions have taken positive steps to curtail the development, it continues at a rapid pace. Instead of growing tobacco Charles County’s new “crop” is TRACT HOUSES, more traffic and less water!

  29. As a former Charles County educator I am upset to see the Waldorf area changing without respect for the natural habitat and wildlife! Please get involved to protect this area so generations to come can appreciate the beauty and enjoy activities outside !

  30. No more Walnart stores! There are enough already. How about some nature views and tranquility. You do understand the O2and CO2 exchange do you not? I need to breathe, so plant done trees and let the grass grow!

  31. I have lived in Waldorf Maryland for 2 years. I enjoy living here but had no idea that Waldorf had so many problems. For starters is unincorporated. Why doesn’t Waldorf have a Mayor? If we had a Mayor and proper representation, the county would not be experiencing the challenges we are dealing with. A Mayor represents the people and we have no one representing us. If we had a Mayor, the idea of a Super Wal-Mart coming to town would have been shut down a long time ago. The quality of the Wal-Mart we have now is horrible….so why on God’s green earth is a Super Wal-Mart is in the planning? We do not need a Super Wal-Mart in Waldorf. I agree with everyone else, this is BAD PLANNING! Put the money into the schools. Thomas Stone High School needs a major facelift. I pray to God Waldorf at least become incorporated. We need people in Charles Country Government to really look at Charles County and do what is best for it’s residents and quality businesses that make Charles County Shine…Wal-Mart is not the kind of business we need in Waldorf.

  32. The quality of life in Charles County has gone straight down hill. What a mess that has been made of this county. Too much growth with horrible results. Save Charles County, that is if it’s not already too late.

  33. It’s pass the time to PLAN! Get it started NOW!!!! No more unplanned growth! 301, 210,and 5, only roads out of chuck county and traffic is horrible. Won’t go to Waldorf, go to Calvert, St. Mary’s county first! Much more relaxing!

  34. stop the building of homes, town homes, appts etc. Fix our schools and that does not mean adding more trailers. Fix our roads, 301 is a disaster. Bulldoze the empty strip type malls with just 1 business left in them. Enough already. I have lived here for 61 yrs. what a mess has been made of our once beautiful County All for the love of the $$$$$$$$$’s

  35. Too much growth. We need more roads and school. Our waterways are polluted. The county only takes care of the ones you see. The lake off Henry for circle is polluted and animal life is dying for runoff. Stop the corporate greed already. Where are all our tax dollars going if not on roads or schools?

  36. If you want to glimpse a future we don’t want, go to Prince William or Stafford counties. Once they looked like us; we don’t want to look like them.

  37. Enough building already! Our schools are overflowing, our roads are packed, and hospitals and doctors are struggling to keep up with population demands, just to name a few concerns. The building needs to stop, Billingsley Road is an eye sore of cheaply thrown together jam packed housing that wasn’t necessary to anyone except the greedy and that’s just one example. What has all of the building that has already occurred brought to the county that has been positive? I’m not referring to well lined pockets of commissioners either. I can tell you what it has brought; more crime and poor quality of life. It certainly hasn’t done anything to help housing values or attract decent contributing citizens to the county. Enough, stop already!

  38. The basic fact that we live on a peninsula is ignored by the plan to rapidly turn Charles County into a Washington area bedroom community. Routes 210, 301 and 5 are the only paths out of the County and most people do not work here. There are no plans for significant upgrades to any of these roads while development along these roads heats up north of us in P.G. County. All these new residents will be ahead of us in the ensuing gridlock. Mattawoman/Beantown Road traffic is accelerating rapidly as residential development continues unchecked. It takes little imagination to envision what Waldorf Station will do to the chokepoint where it merges with Route 5.

    Light rail is mentioned frequently as a key component of Waldorf Station and other Charles County development though there are no real plans, let alone commitment to build it. Anyone watching Metro’s growth knows it takes decades to complete these projects after a concrete decision is made to fund and build a new line. Metro’s recent troubles make expansion beyond the Purple Line even less likely. Portraying rail service as a reality to allow development now is not honest planning.

    I have been a resident of Southern Maryland since 1989. It is a unique and beautiful area with a lot of history that I view as my home. From conversations with friends as well as those overheard at the planning meetings, I fear many long term residents have given up and are looking to escape. That is why you will hear them joining the developers and realtors promoting the truly frightening growth projections.

    One concern voiced at the meetings will probably be a non-issue. Lack of affordable housing should not be a problem as the region degenerates into the least attractive place to live in the Washington Metro area. All the housing down here will end up as the low cost alternative.

    Time is short.

  39. Stop overcrowding, save our wetlands, mattawoman creek, and other important natural areas for the residents health and well-being. We don’t need another concrete jungle here!

  40. Please Save Charles County! The Bryans Road area infrastructure cannot support 8,000 more residents, failed tech park, and the ridiculous expansion of the Maryland Airport that threatens the integrity of the environment, and safety of children given the close proximity of schools & neighboring houses with children in the area. Spend our tax money more wisely, by investing in much needed schools, bridges & roads repairs, and conservation of our waterways, that promotes tourism in the area!

  41. Last thing Waldorf needs is another big box store while others like J.C. Penney, Sears, K-mart, Sports Authority, and others are constantly worrying about losing customers and having to file for bankruptcy. Target is under attack due to “restrooms”. C’mon. We need more things to do, not more stuff to buy to fill up the 5 or more thrift stores in our region. Walmart just carries stuff – some stuff to eat, stuff that can get planted and dies, stuff that is mostly useless clutter, stuff that will end up in a landfill at some point in time, and stuff that is not made in the U.S.A that does absolutely nothing for our economy. With 3 Walmarts approximately 9 miles apart on the same MD 301 / MD 5 highway corridor, I’d say they probably have the market cornered. Walmart needs to put up the stores it promised in D.C. to keep that traffic out of southern Maryland, not draw it into our region.

  42. As Charles County continues to urbanize with high density development, many rural areas are under the threat of 3 acre subdivisions which is the antithesis of preserving forests, open space, and productive watersheds. Unless this trend is reversed, Charles County will not only lose most of its rural character, but there will be an intense increase in traffic, higher taxes, less groundwater and the total and complete destruction of the Mattawoman Creek. Many people who have lived in Charles County their entire lives have either moved, are in the process of moving or are planning to move because of these threats and the destruction of s landscape that will exist only in memory and historical publications.

  43. Unfortunately, Charles County has many serious problems paired with blind and careless leadership. Those leaders, elected and appointed, have apparently forgotten their commitment to their constituents. If they had the any concern for those that they represent, this conversation would not be necessary. Since developers prevail, arbitrary and reckless growth is slowly destroying the very backbone of the County one project at a time. Waldorf Station will prove to be the crowning blow to the already dysfunctional and hopeless traffic system. Unless the mindset changes, overdevelopment and an abandoned traffic management system will continue to result in gridlock from the Capital Beltway down Rt.5/301 to the Gov. Nice Bridge. And, to add insult to injury our leaders, on both sides of the aisle, raise our taxes on every aspect of our lives.

  44. Protect our water ways and wildlife. Stop WALMART. Stop the unbridled construction.

  45. As a new( 2 1/2 yr) resident of Charles county. I can tell you that we did not do our research properly before buying our first home. We are already looking to move to Calvert or to St. Mary’s counties due to the congestion of this area. Why are you, the commissioners allowing more homes to be built when the roads cannot keep up with the volume now?! Something needs to be done about the look of our retail shops and businesses. If you wish to upgrade to a “Town Centre” look please begin with the entrance of Waldorf, the northern section of 301 looks terrible with empty buildings and unkept buildings. Also simply sprucing up the road medians and keeping it tidy would go along way toward the visual aesthetics.
    As far as a super Walmart…… That would be awesome(the Walmart we have is poorly maintained) but why a new building? Can it not be built right where the current Walmart is?!? What happens to that building once it is empty?
    Our main concerns should be with our waterways at ALL times!!! As a resident who’s property backs up to Mattawoman creek, we do our best to preserve it. We have cleaned all the trash out from the previous resident and do not spray pesticides. I would love for my young children to be able to play and fish in this creek without concerns of what is happening further up. We ALL know what happens when big businesses are situated near waterways……. SAVE MATTAWOMAN CREEK and SAVE CHARLES COUNTY!!!

  46. It’s time we stop building more home, townhomes, apartment complexs, and commercial buildings and start using the ones that are standing empty. We do not have the infrastructure or natural resources to continue building as this county has.

  47. Keep development out of sensitive watersheds like the Mattawoman and Nanjemoy, keep Bryans Road a village!

  48. Stop it! Just stop this plan that only benefits builders and whoever is getting their palms greased, if that is the case!

  49. Stop the madness, with the growth this plan is talking about, it will increase crime and other related emergencies e.g. Fire and EMS. The Sheriff’s department, and Fire and Emergency Services are already pushed to the limits now.

    Plus, our infrastructure e.g. roads, water, and power has been pushed to the breaking point, and can barely keep up as is.

  50. We need more economic development, not residential. The Planning Commission should seriously consider economic studies that ding so-called “economic engines” that are non-starters. Please, no more pie-in-the-sky, tax-wasting schemes, such as the tech park that isn’t and never will be.

  51. The citizens of Charles County do not want more development. Everyone I know wants a pristine environment and a natural landscape.. Why make a plan which calls for more development? It only helps real estate developers and non voting people wanting to move to Charles County in order to have a less hectic life style.

  52. We the tax payer are tired of developers who are not interested in the county constantly trying to undermine the stated plans and already reached compromises. We have to constantly fight for our voice to be heard and even then our plans are not heard. It is not only the our water, other natural resources and watersheds that are threatened. Our democratic process continues to be threatened.

  53. Please Stop the Growth in Charles County. The traffic is ridiculous and our schools don’t need to suffer by being over crowded. Our children deserve the best education.

  54. Please listen to the people who live here stand up for us! Put us before St. Charles ! They have done enough damage here! Will the big wigs be living here after the fall? Will you? Be honest!!!! Stand up for all of us who have long standing roots here for generations!!!! Pride is worth more than a pocketful of money!!!!! Hear us! Think of the days down the road!!! It is almost too late!!!!!

  55. Y’all hang on to your hats…..this will come. If you need proof, check out what the county commissioners have approved St. Charles, LLC to do to the Billingsley/St. Charles Parkway intersection. There are already countless apartments built in recent months/years that aren’t (thankfully) full yet and St. Charles, LLC lobbied to amend the master plan for Charles County and were granted approval to put MORE apartments on Billingsley (there is a contingency, they are supposed bring a “high” end grocer to the area as part of the deal) that will butt right up to Cleveland Park Estates. The residents of Cleveland Park Estates and the Heritage neighborhoods fought this initiative all summer but three of the county commissioners voted to amend a plan that already had the apartments in La Plata. Now here is a interesting tidbit – I only heard from two people who are employed by St. Charles, LLC that actually live in Charles County and none in the area of the county this amendment affected. The company is NOT from our county or even Maryland for that matter!! Do you really think they care about what they leave behind once they build on what was once a beautiful parcel of land? NOPE! They care about making money. Folks, please, please pay attention. If you want to stay in Charles County and not have it become so over-crowded that ALL the resources are over-burdened, stand up. Fight for your homes, your neighborhoods, your community. This type of growth will only be good for those who want more tax revenue. It won’t be good for our community. For our schools. For our first responders (our police and EMS services are already unable to really keep up with the county’s needs as it is!) The traffic on 301 is outrageous, just about any time of day. And can you imagine how much longer your commute will be from DC/PG County or even Baltimore with that many more drivers? The time is now for us to remind the commissioners they are not the dictators of the county but elected to serve US! This is OUR community. We deserve more than what they are giving us. I am so tired of the high taxes in this county and not enough to show for it in terms of services! (Schools that are already over crowded will only get worse! They haven’t kept up with the growth this county has already sustained and at this point aren’t even doing an adequate job of playing catch up!)

  56. Really!!? There are enough people in this county. STOP the madness!
    Traffic is horrific; our trees, Farmland, country life, and nature enriched areas are suffering. You are tearing Charles county to shreds. The accidents around here are getting ridiculous, and the crime is rising. May I add that anymore I hear of people ready to move out of this area bc of all of the development. Push all the amazing people who make their monthly mortgage payments on time. Who have been here for years.
    What about maryland being one of the most expensive places to live. Go ahead have more and more foreclosures. Destroy our county and land- for what? Over populated schools too? Not enough jobs either for people.
    Come on now. Our country is in enough turmoil. Let’s at least be smart and keep our county somewhat decent.

  57. Please stop the growth in Charles county and surrounding areas. It’s too crowded now! Traffic is a nightmare, crime has increased. Enough already!

  58. Please restore the salient elements of the compromise “merged scenario” Comprehensive Plan vice the current development biased plan. High density development does nothing but benefit a few wealthy developers while costing the bulk of the county’s population commuting time, money, frustration and a significantly reduced quality of life. Several studies have shown that sprawl development not only costs the county more than it yields in revenue, thus requiring current ratepayers to make up the difference, but also significantly degrades the environment. Please Mr. Murphy and council members do not approve the current development centric Comprehensive Plan.

  59. Please, listen to the majority of the citizens of Charles County and adopt the “Merged Scenario” as our new Comprehensive Plan and not settle for a re-do of the 2006 plan. Times have changed. Our County’s wants and needs have changed. Pass the compromise plan that was the result of four years of work by County staff and a large segment of the County’s population. Show us that Democracy still works.

  60. Our water table has been dropping since the first wave of development 20-30 years ago. How many wells will run dry because of this and who will pay to fix it???

  61. Stop building. We voted personnel in who did not plan well and now I’m sitting in traffic jams to get out of Waldorf. Recommend putting all future development into clearing up traffic congestion. To avoid stop lights on 301 put in over pass bridges similar how they did in Clinton, MD about 10 years ago.

  62. there is no logical argument for insisting of this sort of crowding, other than personal greed. Why can’t we do the same that all of the surrounding counties have and call a building moratorium to pause and evaluate where we are? We have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, all of our schools are overcrowded, traffic in the ‘development corridor’ is nightmarish – and yet, our commissioners somehow think more development is a good idea? It’s just disingenuous for them to expect us to believe they have the county’s best interests at heart, not their own…

  63. As a 28 year resident of Charles County… When is enough going to be enough? Leave well enough alone and stop building these new homes already! How about money go into improving what we already have such as our schools and older homes and store fronts that remain empty? We need more business districts and less residents! We certainly do not need 75k more residents to clog up our roadways even more so!

  64. i am against 75,000 new home especially given our schools are over crowded, crime is up. There are many many reason this shouldn’t even be considered.

  65. There is enough traffic, over crowding and crime already in Charles County. Enough is enough. No more out of control growth.

  66. It saddened me to leave my home. But my family and I moved away from Charles county…We all were offered better opportunity in a different state. There is by far less crime where I live now. I can not say the same for Charles County, which at one time was a safe and beautiful area to live. But after the major urbanization started around 2007, it really became unsafe to even walk your dog in broad day light. Countless times friends of mine were robbed at gun point right behind Barnhart elementary school, during day light hours. Or how about the body found off the bike path in between Lancaster neighborhood and Foodlion?? Or Chris Mader, a wonderful young man who was gunned down after work??? Continuing to build upon Charles County will not only raise taxes, clog the road ways and ruin natural resources, it will invite more crime to the communities. Charles county government must be deepening their pockets from this urbanization since they seem to ignore the cries of their own people. Law enforcement and educational systems are too underpaid to handle such influx of this development..Charles County needs to return to the glory it was held. A beautiful historical rural county…..Not another ” little D.C.”.

  67. I am also concerned about the Northern 301 sector of our county. We already have a huge partial of land across from Pinefield and the entrance of 301 at the county line. Because the property was bought and now labelled as Waldorf Station, our community w has been hit with all these developmental plans that will greatly impact our county and local community esp with traffic and one highway (301) and more housing including apartments. Not much was made of this at the time a development plan was being made. Suddenly a 40+ year old community is being told that this wi happen whether we want it or not. Many Pinefielders are already talking of leaving.

  68. Stop building more condos, apartments and town homes. Slow down construction of new homes. Improve the roads and bridges, enhance mass transit, continue repairing our schools, finally, and not building new ones. Incentivize new business partners, particularly higher paying tech jobs, to keep more folks working in the county and increasing our tax base. Stay within the budget and stop with the taxes, taxes taxes already! Preserve green space and encourage tourism by doing so.

  69. I work in the.most overcrowded school in Charles County. There is 900+ kids that go thdre. What surprises me that none of the planning nor the county commissioners never come up there. Nor go I see any school board members coming up there. Why do these people never come up there.

  70. The traffic on Indian Head Highway is atrocious. Not only is it gridlocked during rush hour, it is often gridlocked at 8 or 9pm. We should be demanding metro service, not building more homes our infostructure CANNOT support! The Bryans Road, Accokeek, Indian Head area is in real danger of running out of drinking water in the very foreseeable future! It’s No longer something we can pretend we don’t know. It is a fact.
    Charles County is one of the last counties in the Washington DC area that is largely rural. Unfortunately, every year the natural habitats disappear and in their place, houses and houses and houses. Or 3 grocery stores within 2 miles. And 5 gas stations with mini marts. Is this how we value our land and our quality of life?

  71. Please stop the overcrowding of Waldorf and surrounding areas. Save our wetlands

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