Video: Your awful commute to work from Charles County

Video: Wake up Charles County – Sign the petition!

Video: Charles County admits Mattawoman Creek at breaking point, but still endorses costly sprawl development

Video: Former consultant to Charles Co. talks about plan for mega development near the Mattawoman Creek

Audio: Charles County pays for tourism report & then shelves many of the takeaways

Video: Welcome to Waldorf … soon to be known as the town of Walmart

Video: The environmental impact of the proposed mega-Walmart could be devastating

Video: Back to school in Charles County

Video: Comm. Debra Davis town hall

Video: Portable classrooms of Charles County

Video: Reject the Developers’ Plan

Video: State Delegate C.T. Wilson blasts Charles County’s plan for more sprawl development

Video: The Urban Land Institute’s Ed McMahon

Audio: Podcast interview with former Maryland Gov. Parris N. Glendening, who spoke about Charles County’s epic struggle to move away from sprawl development

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